March 18, 2024

Traveling with Toddlers: Packing and Travel Tips/Ideas


Let me start off by saying that EVERY time have traveled with our kiddos it has been different! lol Whether it was when we only had one little one or now traveling with two toddlers, every experience has been a bit different the items we have needed always seem to be changing.

BUT, hopefully by the end of this blog you will have a better idea of what you want to bring with you and how you want to travel with your little(s)!

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For this particular trip, we traveled with our 3.5 years old and 1.5 year old. It was a quick flight but it was also our first time traveling with two toddler car seats as oppose to one toddler car seat and one infant car seat. This might not seem like a big deal, but this ended up changing our stroller as well as our carry on situation.

HERE is a quick glimpse at a few items we love to travel with that you might find helpful and faster to glance at!

And then THIS post is an amazing packing travel hack for your kids!

When we travel, we currently like both boys in car seats while on the plane because in our experience it helps keep them a bit more confined as oppose to being able to move everywhere. Full transparency, our 3.5 year old does MUCH better than our 1.5 year old who repeatedly says “all done” the entire flight haha But none the less, this is how we like to travel right now!

In regards to strollers, we have used the Mockingbird with the 2nd seat kit ever since having two kiddos (the Nuna MIXX was our first stroller with one kiddo). While we love our Mockingbird, there are a lot of parts you need to breakdown and put together. First, when you get on the shuttle if you park away from the airport, then through security, then at gate check, then again when you pick it up when you get off the plane.

We originally loved it! You can easily click your infant car seat directly into it. Your other kiddo has their own seat/space and a TON of storage underneath.

But this trip we had two travel car seats which meant we would also have to have both of the seat attachments for the Mockingbird which meant another breakdown part.

So we opted for this side by side Double Stroller and WOW! We ended up LOVING it! Super lightweight, affordable, comfortable, and absolutely no parts to breakdown! You can see a little video and review in the caption of THIS post.

Now for actual travel through the airport and onto the plane. We have travel car seats with backpack carriers. Casey and I each had one on our back. They are super lightweight which is amazing but take note that you won’t be able to carry a backpack so my carry on is a large tote (I have the XL).

Both boys sat in the stroller and made our way through security. At security you will have to take the travel car seats out of the carrying bags and put them on the security belt. As for the stroller, it does not fit on the security belt so they usually have you push it off to the side and then they will bring it through to inspect it.

As for milk, our 1.5 year old still loves his milk and I use the same milk storage container I used while nursing as well as when we switched to formula and I wanted to bring filtered water. They will ask you to remove it from your bag and then they will test it but this carrying bottle is truly so helpful for travels! And if you happen to have formula, I love to travel with these to have the formula pre measured.

Once we got to the gate, we got our gate check tag (simply ask the gate attendant, tell them your seat or show them your boarding pass) and they will give you one. For our “breakdown” process, we take the car seats out of their bags, fold down the stroller, then place it ALL in this carrier and put the gate check tag on it so we only have one gate check. This carrier is specific to double strollers however we have used it since the very beginning with our single stroller in order to have extra room. And to be honest, our Nuna MIXX stroller needed the extra space!

Something to keep in mind, how long of a walk is it from where they scan your boarding pass and to where you board the plane? Whenever we have boarded a plane from the outside, we choose to do our breakdown right at the bottom of the plane rather than inside, otherwise we are trying to carry kids and car seats and now a folded up stroller and it gets to be A LOT! So take note on how far you have to walk because you can aways break down last minute and not when they scan your boarding pass.

Another simple “tip” I was given when we first had our second son was to wear him in the carrier on the plane. This freed up my hands to carry items as well as assist with my other son. Just know that for take off and landing they will make you take your little one out of the carrier. Because of this, I liked my baby bjorn carrier because it was simple to clip him in and out.

Once on the plane, we have to sit two and two because car seats must be on the window. I usually put my oldest behind me with Casey because he likes to be able to see me and in case he starts to kick the seat in front of him, he is only kicking his brother lol However, my youngest is now into throwing things so the lady in front of him on both flights did get a few pretzels and window stickers in her hair 😅

We currently do not use screens with our kiddos. We got rid of screen time about a year ago with our oldest so we no longer use tablets while traveling but here are some of our favorite travel items for the kids. The magnetic puzzles are a big hit with my oldest and both the kids love the Water Wow books. And then snacks! Lots and lots of snacks haha I usually bring some things I know they love as well as some fun new snacks!

That is currently how we are traveling with our two toddlers at the moment! Once we get to our final destination, we try to find a walk in closet for our youngest or somewhere he has a little nook to sleep. But we always bring our Slumberpod and Pack n Play! Our oldest didn’t like the Slumberpod after about 2 years old but our 18 month old thankfully still loves it!

Then we bring their Hatch sound/light machines as well as one travel sound machine just in case and then the split screen Vava because we never know how Wifi will be when we travel and this monitor doesn’t need wifi.

Hopefully this helps you with your future travels! Never hesitate to reach out! We hope to continue traveling with the kiddos so hope to have some more helpful information moving forward! 🙂

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