April 23, 2022

Items I Bought to Travel with My Toddler


Items I Bought to Travel with My Toddler

Okay so first of all, this is a list of items I bought to travel with my toddler BUT we have not used them yet so I’ll for sure come back and review them once the trip is over! Some may find it excessive, but let’s just say I am hoping to be over prepared for any situation! haha We have traveled quite a bit and know that things get delayed/canceled so I guess you can say we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best!

We will be traveling international and it will be our first time traveling with little man since he has been mobile. We traveled with him internationally last year when he was 8 months old but he was not mobile yet. You can read all about that travel experience HERE.

You can also find what I packed in my diaper bag at the age HERE. As well as a newborn travel blog HERE.

For this trip, we have decided to not take an overnight flight since the flight times did not work for us, so we have one stop and each leg of the trip will be about 3 hours on the way there but we will have a 5 hour stretch on the way back.

Our first flight leaves at 6am which means we have to leave our house at 2:30am so wish us luck haha We are not entirely sure how the day will unfold in terms of naps but since his night time sleep is so solid now, we are hoping once we arrive, he will get that full nights rest and we can go from there.

Okay! So now onto the items I bought to try and keep our toddler busy and entertained while traveling. 


  • KIDS TRAVEL TRAY: this thing looks AMAZING! We did buy the Amazon Kids Tablet (yes we allow screen time) but have never used a tablet before so I liked how this set up holds a tablet but also encourages play and keeps everything organized.
  • SNACK TRAY ORGANIZER: I have seen a few other moms talk about this snack tray and I love it! I think our son will have fun with pressing the middle button to expose a new snack. I also like knowing I don’t have to have 10 different Tupperware containers in my bag. Also, I ALWAYS bring new fun snacks he has never had or rarely has to keep him more interested. 
  • TABLET: Like I mentioned above, we allow screen time. We have never used a tablet or a cellphone for screen time before but the reviews on this are incredible and for us, while traveling you kind of do what you gotta do. 
  • HEADBAND HEADPHONES: I really liked how these were more of a headband which I think will allow him to fall asleep if needed. We are going to try them as home first a few times in order to ensure he will keep them on. But I also like that they are not Bluetooth and come with an actual cord. We will bring another pair of headphones just in case but I love the account @whereisbriggs and she recommended this!
  • WATER WOW!: Magic marker type of coloring pads! Love that the pens only require water! We have purchased similar things from the Target dollar section and have really liked them! 
  • PUDDLE JUMPER: Usually Cayden wears a life jacket but I purchased these based on recommendations from friends. 
  • BUSY BOARD: Love how compact this is! He is definitely a busy toddler and interested in everything lately so I think this will be a hit! Also great to play with in our room once we get to the resort. 
  • BUSY CUBE: Similar to the busy board, our son has such a curious little mind in this toddler phase so since he doesn’t have anything like this at home, I think this will be great for him! 
  • MAGNETIC DRAWING BOARD: I love that this won’t create a mess but can still encourage play and drawing. Since this is also something new to him, I am not sure how he will like it, but it’s an activity we can do together and see how he receives it. 
  • REUSABLE PUFFY STICKERS: We have some of these at home and he loves them! So I found themes we have not had before to spark a new interest! These are great though because you can reuse them and move them around. Great for fine motor skill development! 

So far that is everything we have purchased to keep him busy while traveling and a lot of this can also be used in our hotel room while getting ready or needing some down time.

I will work on a blog of a packing list but I will wait to post it after we return so I can tell you what I am thankful we had and what I think we would have benefitted from also bringing! 

Wish us luck on our first travels with a toddler! We are very excited about the memories we will make as a family! 

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