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I know products and supplements can be overwhelming and a bit daunting at times. We never truly know if it is a product we can benefit from or if the individual is just receiving a kickback from the purchase to benefit for themselves. 

One thing I want you to know is that supplements are used to bridge a gap in our diet. They are “supplementing” areas where maybe we are falling short and unable to get the nutrients or vitamins from our whole food sources. Getting whole food sources is HARD sometimes and knowing what our body needs just seems exhausting with all the information out there these days.

Everyone’s needs are going to be different but 1st Phorm has something for EVERYONE and I stand behind this brand and company 100%. These are just a few of MY favorite products that I use daily!

1st phorm




supplement brand of choice



• Powerful antioxidants to help fight free radicals
• Boost Metabolism
• Reduce Signs of Aging
• Improve Blood Flow
• Increase Natural Energy
• Reduce Blood Pressure
• Anti Inflammatory 



• Improve Digestion
• Improve Gut Health
• Improve Immune System
• Reduce Bloating
• Reduce Inflammation
• Balance PH levels


Opti Health Stack

The best of both worlds, this stack includes both the Opti Greens and Opti Reds at a slightly discounted price.



• Concentrated EPA/DHA Omega-3’s
• Reduce Inflammation
• Promote Heart Health
• Moderate Cholesterol Levels
• Increase Brain Function
• Vital for babies brain development when pregnant or trying to conceive 

hormone balance


• Balance Hormones
• Improve Skin Complexion
• Enhance Energy and Mood
• Helps Stress and Anxiety
• Improves Sleep

nutrient pack


• Antioxidants
•  Multivitamin
•  Probiotic
• Fruits & Veggies
•  EFA (Fish Oil)


Post-Workout Stack

• Fast digesting carb and protein source
• Promote Muscle Growth
• Restore Glycogen Levels Post-Workout
• Reduce Recovery Time
• Amazing Taste

protein powder

Level-1 Protein

• Slow Digesting Protein
• Mimics the digestion of a whole food source keeping you fuller longer
• Low temperature processed 
• Helps keep body in an anabolic state throughout the day

balance athletica

my favorite collection of athleisure wear

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fit home & health


Thankfully, clean-eating doesn't have to be daunting, boring, or anywhere in between. Emily is known for coming to the rescue with creative, flavorful, fun-to-eat, clean-eating recipes inspired by classic comfort foods. The recipes in this book are exciting to eat as they are friendly to your waistline (and budget).

Not only does this beautiful woman think up the most creative recipes, she is the QUEEN of organization! Her planning and organizational skills have helped change my life and I recommend her planner to EVERYONE. Take control of your daily, weekly, and yearly priorities, needs and wants!

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check out what i'm wearing  when i am not in gym clothes!

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My fitness guides are getting some tlc!

Stay updated on my Instagram and check back soon to purchase my training guides.Whether you are someone who is trying to build some muscle or lose some weight,  my guides have it all laid out to help YOU reach YOUR goals. 

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