May 6, 2021



After taking little man to the beach for the first time, we definitely got a better idea of beach must haves for a baby or little one!

We were on vacation at an all inclusive resort so our beach outing did not include snacks and lunch. I’m sure if it did, I would suggest a very large blanket so your little one can play in it as well as eat some snacks without getting too sandy!

Some things we found super helpful:

  • SUNSCREEN: We love Tubby Todd sunscreen! We have been using their entire line for bath time as well as all over ointment so we trusted it for a quality sunscreen! All of us adults actually ended up using the stick for our noses as well as the chapstick because it worked so well! 
  • HAT: Thankfully Cayden loves hats so he doesn’t rip them off. THIS is our favorite beach hat but we also bought a few Binky Bro hats because they are so cute! Just beware, these are NOT water proof at all and his hats started warping as they got more wet throughout the week. 
  • SUN GLASSES WITH STRAP: THESE worked great for us! We had another pair without a strap and Cayden took them off instantly. 
  • SWIMSUIT WITH RASH GUARD: We love long sleeve rash guards to help keep his skin out of the sun as much as possible. HERE is one we grabbed on Amazon but you can also find some on Carter’s and Target.
  • SWIM DIAPERS: THESE were great! They don’t hold in pee but they hold in poop! We liked that they were reusable but I’m sure if you are wanting something to hold everything in, you would just go with a simple disposable swim diaper.
  • FLOATY: For the most part, little man liked us holding him and he loved splashing. But THIS floaty was great! You can put them on their tummy or their back and there is a removable canopy which was really convenient. 
  • MULTIPLE DRY DIAPERS: After swimming we got Cayden out of his wet stuff pretty much right away! Since his swim diapers didn’t hold pee in them, we wanted him to stay clean. We also found he felt uncomfortable in the wet sticky swim suit so changing him and just letting him hang in his diaper seemed to make him happy. 
  • TENT or something to create shade: We bought a tent on Amazon which I will link HERE. Honestly it was AMAZING but folding it back up was impossible! So if you can set it up permanently somewhere or don’t mind just throwing it back in the car and not on the original bag, you might love it!
  • LARGE BLANKET or something to allow little one to play: We used a blow up pool and it was amazing! There were a ton of palm trees with created shade and the blow up pool gave the kiddos kind of a barrier to stay in and play rather than getting all sandy.
  • PLENTY OF TOYS: We brought anything that was washable or super easy to wipe off.
floaty for baby
Great floaty for little man! Works on his back or his tummy and comes with a canopy for more shade.

Like I mentioned, we were at a resort so our room wasn’t far and snacks/food was available close by so we didn’t worry about packing too much. 

If you are headed to the beach or the lake, have a wonderful time! Make memories and don’t forget your sunscreen! 

If you are traveling, this blog on my “Diaper Bag Packing List For Travel” might be helpful! 

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