November 7, 2020

Traveling with a Newborn for the First Time


Traveling with a newborn for the first time was a success! CAYDEN’S VERY FIRST FLIGHT went really well!! ✈️

Little man did SO well! I received countless suggestions and recommendations before traveling and many of them came in handy!

traveling with a newborn for the first time


  • ☑️ Took the car seat and stroller through to the gate and gate checked. This was easiest for me since he is not a fan of me wearing him. The stroller also was a great little trolly for random things that I couldn’t carry. If your little one likes to be worn, as a mama I love the Solly Wrap! Check with the airline you will be using because sometimes they do not want you wearing them for take up.
  • ☑️ Bottle or breastfeed for both take off and landing. Sucking helps so much with their ears! Cayden was fine with room temperature water so I didn’t worry about having warm water.
  • ☑️ Boppy lounger was SO amazing to have with me! Great to use while feeding but also just while he hung out on my lap
  • ☑️ Swaddle. This was perfect for when I knew he was getting tired but he was so out of his “routine” the swaddle helped him fall asleep for a little
  • ☑️ Changing pad that has the wipes and diaper holder attached. Loved being able to grab one thing to head to the bathroom to change him. It was also recommended to us to bring 1 diaper for every hour you are gone from the house
  • ☑️ Burp Clothes (a definitely pack extra for the trip in general)
  • ☑️ A few familiar toys/learning cards
  • ☑️ We did not follow a routine at all for the day. He slept whenever he fell asleep and I fed him a lot throughout the flight just to help with his ears and keeping him relaxed
family photo

Great recommendation but I didn’t end up needing/using:

  • ☑️ Plastic bags for dirty diapers or in case of a blow out for dirty clothes
  • ☑️ Extra clothes for him
  • ☑️ Extra shirt for me (in case he spit up all over mine)
  • ☑️ Sound machine (I used it in the airport a ton but not on the plane)

Items we used once at our destination:

  • ☑️ Pack ‘N Play for sleeping (check with your airline, ours did not make us pay for any checked items that had to do with the baby’s needs)
  • ☑️ Dockatot for naps. We tried to keep things as “normal” as possible for him and sometimes he sleeps in his dockatot
  • ☑️ Swaddle Up swaddle which is another swaddle he likes to sleep in
  • ☑️ Portable monitor
  • ☑️ Diapers and wipes (you can also probably Amazon Prime this to where you are staying)
newborn floaty

Extra things we packed:

  • ☑️ Probiotics for Cayden’s last bottle (carly15 will save you 15% on any Wellements products. We LOVE them!)
  • ☑️ Gripe Water to help with his tummy
  • ☑️ Frida Windi because he gets a gassy tummy sometimes
  • ☑️ Bottles: we have Como Tomo, Dr. Brown, and Avent (I brought a bunch because he sometimes rejects one out of nowhere and I wanted to be prepared)
  • ☑️ Formula: currently using Similac Pro Sensitive
  • ☑️ Baby Sunglasses
  • ☑️ Sun hat
  • ☑️ Newborn pool floaty with UV protection
  • ☑️ PJs for every day and an outfit for every day plus extras in case of accidents

I am very glad we brought a lot of familiar things with us from home because it did make his sleep routine seem more “normal.”

We had a wonderful time on our first vacation as a family! It was definitely a whole new experience being on vacation with a newborn but overall we made amazing memories!

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