October 11, 2020

Daily Routine with Supplements and Vitamins


Current Daily Routine with Supplements and Vitamins

In the last 7 weeks since Cayden was born, I have really been trying to stay on top of my daily routine with supplements and vitamins. Let’s be honest, sometimes we have no idea where the heck the day goes so it is a huge accomplishment to remember to take our vitamins!

One thing that has helped me, either set them out the night before so they are ready to go for you in the morning, or set an alarm and have it repeat daily in order to remind you! For some reason taking our vitamins can easily slip our minds! Or if you are like me, you forget which day it is and can’t remember if you already took them for that day haha

Whether you are postpartum or not, you could find many of these supplements and vitamins very helpful! 

Before diving into the products I take, I want to emphasize that supplements are used to bridge a gap in our diet. If and when you can get something from a whole food source, that will be your best option!

But if you are anything like me, or if you are a new mama yourself, more often than not that just doesn’t happen. Or if you have a specific goal, sometimes supplements can help us achieve that a little faster.

So in that case, I personally lean on supplements to help me bridge those gaps!

You might read some of these and be like, “oh yes I NEED that!” And others you might just say, “eh, I’m good.” That’s the beauty of it, it’s for YOUR personal needs and goals.


I use to always start my day with protein coffee, you can find how to make that HERE, but with Cayden I haven’t figured out how to enjoy a cup of coffee quite yet and I also do not like having something that hot in my hands when I’m with him. Hot mess express over here 

So I have switched it up and make a massive “Morning Magic” concoction! I take a 20-30 ounces water bottle and add:

BENEFITS I personally use them for:

  • OPTI GREENS: aids in digestion and gut health, support my immune system (70% of our immune system stems from out gut), helps your girl get in 11 servings of fruits and veggies because getting micronutrients in these days is nearly impossible lol They also can help with blood glucose stabilization which can help reduce cravings and this new mama needs all the help random cravings!
  • OPTI REDS: loaded with antioxidants which can help fight off free radicals, anti aging properties which I am ALL about, anti inflammatories which helps SO much with my endometriosis
  • You can both of these in the OPTI HEALTH STACK
  • EAAs (essential amino acids): amazing benefits but truly I use it for flavor and the 60mg of caffeine! Mama needs a pick me up in the mornings 
  • LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C: aids in immune support, helps with the absorption of iron which I became deficient in during pregnancy, helps reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  • LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN D3: basically, I love in Seattle haha sun during the months outside of summer don’t really exist. I personally have noticed a huge difference in my season moods when taking this product. Otherwise I tend to feel pretty down and can almost feel that season depression kick in. It is also great for reducing oxidative stress (this is increased during pregnancy), as well as strengthening bones.
  • COLLAGEN: I will do anything for anti aging and collagen has many anti aging properties! After the age of 25, the natural production of collagen decreases and your girl is 31 so supplementing with it can help with those anti aging needs. It is also great for the elasticity of skin which was helpful while pregnant.


Whenever I finally have the time to eat my first meal, I take my vitamins.

Prior to pregnancy and trying to conceive, rather than the prenatals, I used the Micro Factor Pack which is a full spectrum micronutrient pack, not just a multivitamin.

BENEFITS I personally use them for:

  • HARMONY: Harmony is amazing for helping with hormone imbalances naturally. I have Endometriosis which is an estrogen dominant disease. Harmony contains ingredients like maca and chasteberry which can help with production of progesterone. It also contains 75mg of caffeine which I personally love to help add to my little daily pick me ups
  • PRENATALS: I started taking these about 6 months prior to us trying to conceive. So crazy but the egg we actually fertilize matures 3 months before you conceive! For this reason, my doctor advised that I start taking prenatal vitamins prior to getting pregnant. It is also important to continue taking them while breastfeeding.
  • FULL MEGA: These have always been very helpful for the inflammation caused by my Endometriosis. Then when I became pregnant they were vital for the brain development of the baby. Now that I am breastfeeding, they can continue to help Cayden’s brain development.


When I workout, I always take the POST WORKOUT STACK with Phormula 1 and Ignition

  • 1 Scoop Phormula 1: Fast digesting protein source
  • 1/2 Scoop Ignition: Fast digesting carb source

Used together: Ignition helps replenish the glycogen stores (essentially our gas tank) that we drained during a workout, then shuttles the protein (Phormula 1) directly into our muscles. This. gets the recovery process started right away and allows the body to get back into the anabolic state where we are burning fat and building/maintaining muscle. 

Without ignition: our body will first breakdown and convert some of the protein into glycogen to replenish the glycogen stores and THEN shuttle the left over protein into our muscles resulting in LESS protein uptake and takes longer for the body to get back into the state of recovery.


I will use Level 1 protein in my morning coffee which I briefly mentioned above, or I will use it for baking or simply on it’s own when I am short on protein.

LEVEL 1 is a slow digesting protein. It mimic the digestion of a whole food source so it keeps us fuller longer. I always recommend getting in about 1 gram of protein per pound of goal bodyweight so Level 1 is a product I use often when I am struggling to hit my daily protein goal. I have also noticed that as a new mama ANYTHING that is grab and go is amazing! So this is a winner for me!


  • Hair Skin & Nails: with my first meal
  • Glutamine: in my post workout stack
  • L-Carantine: in my morning greens or pre-workout. There is 200mg of green tea so it helps with natural energy! Also, this is great for helping use our stored fat for energy as well as aiding in shrinking fat cells so if training and nutrition are on point, this could be an amazing addition to help reach those final goals.

Are there fat burners? Yes. Are there things to help me focus? Yes! All of us will have different wants and needs when it comes to our health and fitness goals as well as our lifestyles.

Feel free to click on THIS link and see if some of your needs can be met through these products! 

And again, supplements are used to bridge a gap in our diet so do not feel like they are needed in order to reach your goals!

This post contains affiliate links. Which means if you click on an affiliate link from my blog and make a purchase, it’s possible that I may make a small commission from that sale. I sincerely appreciate your support of the sponsors that help make this blog possible! I only partner with brands that are consistent with my blog’s brand.

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