July 24, 2020




Maybe it is because we are from Seattle, or maybe it is because we can barely open our eyes first thing in the morning, but the love for coffee in our house hold is very strong! And this Cookie Batter Protein Coffee is exactly how we enjoy starting our day!

There are many reasons we love starting our day with protein coffee, for one, the benefits of waking our sleepy bums up! Very needed most days! But also, adding in the Level 1 Cinnamon Cookie Batter Protein allows us to remove all sugars and creamers we would typically add to our coffee! AND it just tastes AMAZING!

Protein coffee is also a great option for those who are not big breakfast eaters, or who are constantly on the go but we still need a bit of fuel to get us going before our day starts!

If you are not a fan of Cinnamon Cookie Batter, NO PROBLEM! There are SO many Level 1 flavors to choose from that will enhance your coffee and make it taste perfect for YOU! Some of our other favorite flavors for protein coffee are German Chocolate Cake, Caramel Latte, and Blueberry Muffin (this one might sound strange but it literally tastes like you are dipping a blueberry muffin straight into your coffee!)

Level 1 is a slow digesting protein so it will keep you fuller longer! This is perfect for the morning time when our body is looking for some fuel to get our energy going for the day!

Recently I have also been adding Collagen into my morning coffee for 15 extra grams of protein, as well as all the added benefits! Collagen can aid in:

  • Increasing elasticity in skin (this can help with preventing stretch marks which this mama to be is very excited about)
  • Promoting healthy hair, skin & nails
  • Stronger bones & joints
  • Helping combat wrinkles and signs of aging 
  • Unflavored! Mixes in anything! 

Collagen is not necessary to make this incredible protein coffee, but the added benefits make it worth your while to add it!

Let me know what you think and which flavor Level 1 you enjoy the most in your coffee! I promise you will never go back to your regular coffee creamers and sugar!

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