November 1, 2019

Traveling With Supplements


Traveling with supplements can often seem confusing and a bit nerve wracking for some individuals. “Will TSA think my protein powder is a drug?” “Can I take my greens powder through security?” “Can I travel outside of the country with my vitamins and supplements?”

I am here to tell you that you are good to go and traveling with your supplements is completely safe and allowed! 

Here is an IGTV of how I pack ALL of my supplements while traveling. This video in particular was for our Honeymoon travels which included a number of different countries and many airports. 

Before diving in, I like to stress the fact that supplements are simply a way of bridging a gap in our diet and/or our lifestyle. It is very difficult to get all the nutrients we need from whole food sources and especially while traveling when nutrient dense options are not always our first choice. 

Here is a little check list of how I travel with everything for long trips and the supplements I find are necessary for me while traveling! (When it is a shorter weekend trip, I do not need as much and can keep things as simple as possible).


1️⃣I always bring at least one serving of Opti Greens and Opti Reds in a funnel

2️⃣Micro Factor Packs for the travel day 

3️⃣Crystal light to mix with water or Opti Greens/Opti Reds

4️⃣Almond Butter Packs

5️⃣Level 1 Protein Bars


Everything placed in a large ziplock bag

1️⃣Opti Greens and Opti Reds in a baggie WITH scooper 

2️⃣Micro Factor Packs one for each day we are gone.

3️⃣Post Workout Stack (Phormula 1 and Ignition in separate bags WITH scooper)

4️⃣ Level 1 Protein in a baggie WITH scooper

5️⃣ Crystal Light Packs to help add flavor to the Greens and Reds if needed.

6️⃣ Almond Butter Packs

7️⃣ Level 1 protein bars

8️⃣ Pill Case with Full Mega (omega 3s 🐠), Hair Skin & Nails 💅🏼 and Harmony 

9️⃣ Pill Case with  Adrenal Restore and Core 21. While on vacation I really like to focus on my stress levels and decreasing my cortisol so these two products are very important to me when I travel. 

🔟 Not included in the video but always taken on vacation: Remedy because 🍹 🍸 🍷 🍻 🥂 #VacationMode #WeLikeToDrink


Supplements can be overwhelming which is why I love that 1st Phorm provides stacks that can really help us tackle the basic and foundational needs.

1️⃣ Essential Stack: Opti Greens, Full Mega, Micro Factor

2️⃣ Daily Stack: Opti Greens, Micro Factor

3️⃣ Level Up Stack: Level 1, Opti Greens

4️⃣ Post Workout Stack: Phormula 1, Ignition 

I hope you found this helpful and useful during your future travels. For myself and Casey, it is really important to stay on top of our vitamin and supplement routine ESPECIALLY while traveling because we typically do not focus on the quality of food we are putting into our body. We try to enjoy every minute of the vacation and knowing that we are filling many gaps in our nutrition through our supplementation keeps us on track and decreases our chances of getting sick.

As always, don’t hesitate to leave a question or comment and I would be happy to help you! I also linked all the free shipping to any of the products I mentioned.

Make it a great day! 

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