June 20, 2020

The Beautiful Mess of Relationships


The Beautiful Mess of Relationships

Relationships take work. They are not perfect regardless of what is perceived through social media.

Despite the bliss of all our excitement for our sweet bundle, mine and Casey’s relationship has been a beautiful mess. It’s our story and I LOVE it, but it’s taken WORK! .

After asking all of you for questions for our pregnancy podcast (found HERE), I received a lot of questions about our relationship and if we have had hard times and how we deal with the ups and downs.

I am madly in love with this man and I pretty much was from the moment I saw him. BUT our journey as a couple was not always something to write home about.

Casey and I enjoying a day of the lake
The struggle and beautiful mess has all been worth it but taken a lot of work!

We STRUGGLED! We were working 6 days a week in a setting where it was not professional to have any public display of affection so eventually learning to show each other love was NOT easy. This has taken us a lot of time and honestly was awkward for a while.

Along with that, Casey is not one to be known for communicating where as I can talk for dayssss! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Our arguments or fights were followed by 4 days of silence. Then we worked down to 2 days, then maybe a few hours, then 45 minutes, to where we now are able to address the issue or concern head on.

We also feared the unknown. We had very serious relationships prior to us dating so the fear of giving our heart to someone again was NOT something either of us were ready for or excited about to be honest.

Things that helped us:

  • OVER communicate. Don’t be afraid to fully express your feelings and concerns. Don’t let silence fill your relationship ever.
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Having difficult talks was not fun at all, but it made us SO much stronger and so much closer than I ever could have imagined.
  • Never go to bed angry. This is something we firmly stand by. Sometimes it leads to super late night talks, but it’s worth it.
  • Never stop dating each other. Take the time to keep the little things in your relationship alive. This is something we are REALLY trying to figure out before the bundle arrives).
  • Always laugh together. I swear this is my favorite part about our relationship and something that takes me back to those butterfly feelings from day 1.

We are NOT perfect. Our journey has been HARD. But it’s been 6 years of a beautiful mess and a story I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I can only imagine the changes and struggles that will be ahead of us in this next chapter of ours lives. But I’m confident we will continue to be a team and I am realistic that is will NOT be perfect or what I expect! 😂

Appreciate the beautiful hot mess. As a couple we are choosing crazy over easy.

If you would like to read more about our relationship and the struggles and patience required to get us to where we are now, you can read THIS blog post.

Make it a great day! 

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