May 21, 2020

So Many of Us Are Frustrated and Discouraged by the Scale


After working with hundreds, if not thousands, of women over the years, I always see a reoccurring statement with weight loss journey’s that women are frustrated with the scale and getting discouraged.

I don’t talk a lot about my personal “weight loss” or past heath and fitness journey too much because I have gone through SO many seasons of life and my journey is still taking place.

But, these frustrations and feelings of discouragement are NORMAL for many of us, but PLEASE do not let the number of the scale stop your motivation or choice to show up for yourself 👏🏼

google search 'weight loss' and 'how to lose weight'
I weigh 132 pounds in BOTH of these photos. The scale truly is just a number.
google search 'weight loss' and 'how to lose weight'

I weigh the EXACT same in the photos above. I weigh 132 pounds on the left and the right. The left side of both of these photos was before I started my journey back in spring of 2015 and the right photo was summer of 2019 before getting pregnant the first time. 

I remember stepping on the scale in the right photo and nearly fainting! I was so mad that I was back to my “starting” weight. “HOW!?” Literally all I could think about was how I was going to get that number back down. 

But thankfully I had countless other forms of measurement to take into consideration and a number of photos to place side by side to allow myself to see the changes and recognize that the number on the scale was just that, a number!

PLEASE understand that weight is only ONE form of measurement! I do NOT want that to be the driving force for many of us on our “weight loss” journey or health and fitness journey.

Does it feel good to lose weight? HELL YA! But it should not be our entire form of motivation.

I hope this helps some of you while on your personal health and fitness journey. And for reference, 132lbs at 5’2” is considered nearly overweight 👌🏼 I think I look pretty damn good for an “overweight” individual. #screwthescale SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF! 👏🏼

Make it a great day!

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