May 22, 2020

Maldives Travel and Stay Recommendations


The Maldives have always been a bucket list place for me and I could not feel more blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity to not only visit this country but also be able to LEARN more about this region of the world and the INCREDIBLE individuals that live there. I am so excited to share with you all of our Maldives travel and stay recommendations

club med finohlu villas

Travel and Stay Recommendations:

1️⃣ Research ahead of time about this country and its culture. It truly is REMARKABLE and having some knowledge beforehand will make you SO much more appreciative of your time there.

2️⃣ We recommend All Inclusive resorts. The resorts are NOT cheap so knowing that once you are there everything is already paid for gives you a peace of mind. We stayed at Club Med Finohlu and it was INCREDIBLE.

google search for 'club med finholu' and 'maldives'
Room service anyone?

3️⃣ Go out on the water AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! This country and the islands are KNOWN for scuba diving and snorkeling so do not miss out on this!

4️⃣ The best months to travel there are December to April but this will also be the most expensive time to travel. May to November are monsoon months so you are taking a risk traveling in the off season but it is MUCH less expensive 

5️⃣ We clearly went for our honeymoon so our resort was EXTREMELY quiet and focused on luxury and individual service, we created most of our own entertainment as oppose to other all inclusive resorts where a lot is going on.

Club Med Finolhu

6️⃣ APPRECIATE the surroundings. Having a villa over the water (yes a bit much) BUT it truly added to our experience. The sea life was unreal and it made the experience feel like it was out of a movie 🙌🏼


1️⃣ There are nearly 1200 islands that make up the Maldives but only 200 have resorts/people living on them

2️⃣ The sandbars that are found in the middle of the ocean change shapes and directions depending on the time of the year (current/tide changes)

google search 'Maldives Sandbar' and 'Maldives travel and stay recommendations'

3️⃣ A lot of the islands are manmade or have been expanded my manmade efforts to try and minimize the effects of erosion and water levels increasing. They pump sand in from the sea floor

4️⃣ They fish with just a fishing line and hook and pull the fish in by hand! Using nets is illegal. They have SO much tuna that they export it. .

Our time in the Maldives was unexplainable and we hope to go back one day! 🙌🏼 If you would like to know how we made our honeymoon around the world possible, you can read THIS blog post.

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