September 30, 2020




Bringing in the Fall feels with this one! 🍁

I think I FINALLY nailed this recipe! I cannot tell you how many attempts it took me between wanting to get it perfect and trying to coordinate baking time with Cayden’s naps! haha

Lately I have noticed that it is nearly impossible for me to get in a good breakfast with Cayden’s nap schedule being all over the place and me trying to work.

I never know if I should put him down for his morning nap (which seems to be getting shorter and shorter…sigh) and make myself a good breakfast or get through some emails.

So I figured a breakfast muffin would allow me to do both!

I am super picky about ingredients though and want to make sure I am not only getting in quality food, but also working on my hormones.

With that being. said, I have created a breakfast muffin that does ALL OF THE ABOVE!

My Breakfast Pumpkin Protein Muffins include protein, healthy fats, fiber, wholesome carbs, and hormone balancing ingredients!

A few facts about the ingredients:

Level 1 Protein: Protein is one of our three macro nutrients but often it is hard to find muffins with protein in them so I added the season Pumpkin Spice Latte Level 1 to these muffins and oh my gosh it takes the flavor to the next level!

Pumpkin: high in fiber, rich in antioxidants, great source of vitamin A

Flaxmeal: Great for hormone health during the follicular phase of your cycle and can also promote lactation in breastfeeding moms, also rich in Omega 3s

Oats: good source of iron and fiber, has been known to help with lactation.


breakfast pumpkin protein muffin recipe

Let me know if you make these!


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